Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Deli Bar & Ode to Mike

This post originally started as a review of the new Kenny & Zuke's Deli Bar Restaurant that recently took over the Pix Patisserie space on Williams Avenue, but after going over the images I need to address something more important: how incredibly patient my husband is. He has endured painfully long waits to eat while I photograph his food. He has quickly turned into my favorite subject to photograph due to his natural photogenicness, but also his patience and humor. Thanks Love, you're the best!

This is what Mike looks like while we're waiting for our food.

Daydreaming Mike

This is what he looks like when I'm photographing his food.

Mike Waiting Sort of Patiently
A bored Mike

This is what he looks like when I lift my camera to take a quick snap of him and his patience.


And this is what he looks like when we get our food!


Ok, now onto Deli Bar, the new restaurant from Kenny & Zuke's, the East Coast style deli. We love Kenny & Zuke's and we were so excited when they opened a second restaurant close to us! Pastrami Fries! We decided to split one of their brunch time sandwiches called the Meshugaletta, an ode to the Muffaletta (mmmm....we will make it New Orleans to try an authentic one, this we promise you!). Kenny & Zuke's take on the muffaletta is made with their housemade pastrami, roast beef and turkey, as well as salami. This thing was massive and I ended up taking out half the meat just so I could take a bite. Luckily we ordered bloody marys to wash it down, garnished with pickled beets, cauliflower, and a green bean, it was one of the best bloodys we've had in awhile.

Kenny & Zuke's Deli Bar
Deli Bar Menu
The Meshugaletta
Deli Bar Bloody Mary

A pile of meat we took home and ate with baguettes for days!


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