Sunday, November 4, 2012

Basa Basa Chicken

Row of Brick and Morters

We really liked a lot things about Basa Basa Chicken. The Micro-Restaurant Row design, the decor, the colors, the food, the prices and the location. What more could you ask for? We were on our way to lunch at Basa Basa when we got detoured to the Lone Fir Cemetery, so by the time we arrived we were ravaging and ready for some spicy Korean chicken wings!

Front Door
Garage Doors to Patio
Basa Basa Chicken Mascot

Asian style chicken has landed in Portland in a big way and all we can say is about time! Asians seriously know how to fry some delicious chicken, evident by how Asian fried chicken usually means wings and dark meat. Andy Ricker over at Pok Pok founded his empire of restaurants through his infamous chicken wings and the secret is the dark meat chicken and the flavorful sauces. Basa Basa's Korean-style fried chicken came Hawaiian plate lunch style with a scoop of macaroni salad and a scoop of rice. We shared a 10-piece plate lunch ($14) and accompanied with two refreshing Asahi beers. Apparently we didn't have enough grease in our system and also ordered some of Basa Basa's ramen fries.

Birthday Lunch
Ramen Fries

Basa Basa Chicken comes dressed with three sauces - Korean, Thai and Japanese teriyaki. The earthy Thai was my favorite and the tangy teriyaki was Mike's. You could tell they pre-fry their chicken because the coating pulled away from the meat, but the sauce made up for the shortcut that left the meat bland if eaten alone, which was common since it was pre-fried. 

We weren't sure what the ramen fries were until we got our order and they looked like fries seasoned with the powdered packet you get in a packet of ramen and in a way it was just that, but their own special blend that contained lots of anise and fennel. 

We really enjoyed our lunch and will be back for more chicken wings on their patio when the weather gets better. Also this meal was a steal! 

Birthday Boy
Ready to eat

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