Monday, July 30, 2012

Burger Saturdays

Skyline Burger on Broadway
As mentioned in the previous blog post, we usually find ourselves having sushi at some point on the weekends. For a few weeks we traded out our Sushi Saturdays for Burger Saturdays! Portland has had a resurgence of specialty burger restaurants pumping out specialty gourmet burgers to stripped down basic burgers, and yes, we have tried a majority of them. When infamous Skyline Burger relocated to the previous Chez Jose restaurant on Broadway we decided it would be a great reason for a lazy Saturday bike ride.
Skyline Burger's menu is huge. Besides burgers, they serve salads, house made soups, sandwiches, hotdogs, specialty beef burgers, classic burgers, chicken burgers, turkey burgers, vegan/vegetarian burgers, and "diner classics" such as fish & chips and sausage platters. The burger menu is divided into two sides - the 1/2 lb. stuffed burgers and the 1/4 lb build your own burgers. Of course we opted to get one of each, served with fries and tots: a 1/2 lb stuffed burger with jalapenos and topped with smoked gouda and a 1/4 lb burger topped with mushrooms, swiss cheese and onion rings. It may sound strange, but the 1/2 lb was very "meaty" and actually took away from the jalapenos and smoked gouda. However the 1/4 lb burger was pretty darn perfect. Reasonably priced, close to home and they keep sending us coupons in the mail. So yes, we will be back and next time have one of those caramel shakes everyone loves so much.
Skyline Burger -
Burger and Fries
Jalapeno Stuffed half lb burger with gouda
Burger and Tots
Mushroom, Swiss & Onion Ring Quarter lb Burger
Burger Cheers

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