Friday, November 28, 2008

7-11 Props

The first time I visited Tokyo I fell in love with the convenient stores dotted on every street. Just like the vending machines found everywhere in Japan, they are convenient and located on every corner practically. Due to the lifestyle of Tokyoites, convenient stores have become central locations to conduct all manners of business.  You can have packages delivered there, since people are rarely in their homes (proof by the number of people constantly on the street heading somewhere), you can buy anything, you can do your banking and things you didn't think you needed seem to always popped up when you need it the most.  Every imaginable convenient store in the US can be found here - 7-11, Am Pm, Circle-K, Lawsons, Family Mart and even simply Mini Mart.  
Here is our local 7-11 at the end of the alleyway behind our hotel.
Here are a few items you can find at the 7-11. Remember this a convenient store the same size you can find back in the states, but the sheer variety of items you can find is astounding!
I could wander for hours just looking at all the different products they sell.
But the one item I was looking most forward to getting was a pizza hum bao!  Who can resist a warm-tangy-tart dough ball?

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