Thursday, April 17, 2014

Life, As of Late

The Move
*my dad labeled our furniture to help mike learn vietnamese and they survived the severe man-handling of the movers!

{setting up the essentials first}
Beverage Center

{still haven't hung anything up - loving the blank white walls and wonderful light we get}
Too many nick nacks

{outdoor space}
Balcony Plants

{exploring the new hood}
Late Evening in Old TownNeighborhoodBus Station Wavy Wall

{insanely yummy birthday dinner at this insanely yummy southern restaurant}
Birthday Dinner AppetizersScreen Door Birthday Dinner

{best birthday gift ever}

{post dinner sweet fix at one of our favorite spots in the city}
Dessert TimeTigre and Incognito

SS LegacyUn-Cruise Adventures

{springtime trees before the leaves fill-in completely}
Spring Tree

{mornings on the willamette river}
Morning Willamette

{start of our day}
White Stag Sunrise

{end of our day}
Blood Moon

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