Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ba's Benihana Birthday


Last year we surprised my dad with a beach week birthday, but that was a milestone birthday. This year we're back to our typical "Your Choice of Restaurant" birthday celebration. This year Dad wanted dinner and a show, so he suggested a teppanyaki restaurant. After asking around and consulting the internet we were informed the only real teppanyaki restaurant in the Portland area is world wide chain restaurant Benihana. So we used Open Table, earned our 100 points and made reservations for a night of dinner and theater.  


Dinner at Benihana's is fairly pricey, but it came with a lot of extras. Of course we started with a nice carafe of sake served cold in the most amazing little iced sake carafe.

Cold Sake Carafe

A waitress walked us through the menu and how it all works. It took a minute to go through the menu, we placed our order, had a somewhat salty Japanese onion soup, and our chef arrived at the hot flat grill and the main portion of the meal began.

Our Chef

Our meal came with white rice, but we could substitute fried rice for an extra cost. It was fun to watch the chef whisk around an egg with just his spatula and knife. It was hard to believe that the egg wasn't a hard boiled egg the way we rolled and tossed it around before cracking it on the grill to become the base of our fried rice. Which was really good.

Fried Rice

Next came the grilled veggies and shrimp, which the chef sliced and diced and removed the tails efficiently and quickly.

Onion VolcanoShrimp Appetizer

The big draw of Benihana's is their grilled steaks, but Mike & I were going to share so we opted for the Seafood Diablo and their largest steak-the 12.5 oz filet mignon. The Seafood Diablo consisted of grilled udon noodles, vegetables, shrimp, scallops and squid. Man was this dish delicious. We did not take a single piece of this seafood noodle dish home. There were no leftovers. Everything was terrific and the most tender scallop and squid we've had in awhile.

The Makings of the Seafood DiabloUdon Noodles in the Seafood DiabloSeafood Diablo

The rest of us opted for steaks and scallops (Land and Sea), all medium-rare. Once these thick cut steaks hit the grill and the smoke started floating in the air, the cameras came out. These steaks were a thing of beauty.

Time for SteaksGrilling SteaksPreparing Our SteaksFilet MignonLand & Sea

When the chef first cut into the steaks they were perfectly medium-rare, but by the time they hit our plates they were more medium, but we didn't mind too much, the choice meats were still terrific.

Apparently Benihana's is a popular birthday restaurant, we probably heard happy birthday (English and Japanese) about every 10-15 minutes in the 2 hours we were there. We were really happy with the choice, the restaurant is beautiful, the service is great and the food was terrific. Happy Birthday BA, hope it was a great one!

Birthday Celebration

9205 SW Cascade Avenue
Beaverton, Oregon

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This looks so yummy and how sweet that you surprised
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