Friday, December 14, 2012

del INTI: Peruvian Restaurant

Beef Heart Skewers
{beef heart skewers}

Saute Octopus, Pork Ragu and Creamed Kale
{blanched octopus with pork ragu and creamed sauteed kale}

{marinated golden beets with deep fried bacon}

Langoustine Ceviche
{langoustine ceviche}

{mike - sadly, he's not available on the menu}

{terrific cocktails and drinks}

We love Peruvian Food and thankfully Portland has had a mini-explosion of Peruvian restaurants in the last couple of years. The Peruvian food we have had is much less tortilla/bean/meat focused than Mexican food, as well as much healthier and lighter, with an innovative use of seafood. del INTI utilizes Pacific Northwest ingredients and adds a nouveau South American twists to its dishes  - a match made in heaven in our opinion. This was a small sampling of our meal and with a menu that changes almost daily, we'll be back!

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