Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thai Tom

Thai Tom Restaurant

If you live in Portland, Oregon you probably know the city has very few good Thai Restaurants. Portland is the puppy mill of Thai Food cranking out the worse, most watered down versions of Thai food. So when we heard the best Thai food in Seattle can be found at a small hole-in-the-wall right around the corner from our hotel, we not only made note, but bee-lined immediately after check-in. We were told if a tiny little Thai man is cooking and blaring heavy Thai metal music we are in good hands.

Unfortunately Thai Tom wasn't cooking, instead we arrived early in the evening and found the atmosphere mellow, playing Thai reggae and with some seats available at the bar. We already had eaten 2 lunches not too long ago and would soon have a big dinner so we placed a to-go order for two noodle dishes. In fact we didn't eat our food until we were back in Portland a couple of days later. Seriously, Portland has crappy Thai food, we were willing to do what it takes!

Thai Tom Kitchen

Sauce Counter

Thai Tom Dining Room

So, was the food good? 2 days and a plate of pad thai noodles later (which we rarely order) we finally were eating delicious Thai food. Tart, tangy, sweet, spicy, sour! YES! Too bad it's 2 and half hours away, but hey "High Five On The I-5" is what we'll be yelling as we cruise up to our new favorite Thai Restaurant stateside and next time we'll make sure to sit front and center to check out this tiny Thai restaurant in action!

Thai Tom 4543 University Way NE Seattle, Washington 206.548.9548

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