Sunday, November 21, 2010

Memorable Meals: Costa Rica

Ok, we'll be the first to say it, Costa Rica what is up with all your restaurants selling pasta, pizza, and burgers? We're not saying those pastas and burgers weren't good. In fact the burgers are crazy good in Costa Rica, the beef in general. Pizza we never had, but it was on every menu! Yes, we understand Costa Rica's European historical ties, but we wanted some Costa Rican food!
So we high-tailed it to the next beach area Playa Coco for some "Typical" Food or Costa Rican food. Yes, they call their food "typical", oh but it is anything but!

It was breakfast time and we were on the lookout for a casado plate at a Costa Rica soda or traditional food restaurant. We could spot sodas all along the PanAmerican Highway - all outdoor with bar stools on the outside just like the picture above.
During the first part of the week we had alittle bit of difficulty finding any place that sold even just beans and rice. Even asing politely if they had rice and if they had beans and could they mix them together? To be honest if you aren't into carb loading all the time being a vegetarian in Costa Rica can be difficult. However, if you aren't a vegetarian you can enjoy the best fish there is. The ceviche can be found on most sodas and restaurants and they are fantastic as was this tangy, herby, sour, and acidic all white fish (we think it may have been sea bass) ceviche.

Served with plantain chips, the freshness of each ingredient made this dish and leisurely late-morning breakfast memorable!

After a bit of mime and broken Spanish we were presented with a vegetarian casado plate with fried plantains, cheese, the creamiest black beans, fresh salsa, and the yummiest sour cream.

At last we were able to find some Costa Rican food. The setting, cute little server, and food were beyond our expectations. Down to each perfectly set bite.

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