Saturday, December 5, 2009

G'Day Sydney

Back when we were planning our 4 month journey we went into sticker shock looking at hotels and inner-country travel options in Australia. We quickly scrapped the idea of seeing more than just Sydney since it was our gateway back to the US. And we decided we probably couldn't afford more than a few days at the end of our trip since Sydney is so expensive. What we didn't anticipate was how much we enjoy being in big cities. And Sydney did not let us down. From the moment we stepped off the plane we attempted to absorbed all the different aspects of life in this beachy, cosmopolitan, diverse, easy-going, familiar and yes, expensive city. After checking into our hotel the first time, we quickly took advantage of great public transportation and took the train to see the famous Sydney Opera House.There will always be iconic buildings and structure that make you go - hhhmmm, it wasn't as big as I imagined, but that wasn't the case with the Opera House. Situated along the edge of Circular Quay with the skyscrapers of the city behind it
connected by a windy path to the botanical gardensand framed by the black iron Harbor Bridge
The Opera House's complete environment shows off how truly beautiful Sydney and this iconic building really is. The additional 8 days we decided to spend in Sydney for a total of 10 days in one city proved to be a vacation within a journey and the best city to end our incredible adventure.

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Unknown said...

This makes me want to visit! I also like your story of transporting your alcohol. Hope you still have the bottle!