Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dropping the Buddha Bellies Bomb!

As we sat and ate our take-out dinner; debating if the restaurant seasons their burger patties and if the chicken is pre-breaded or floured and seasoned in-house, we realize who are we kidding? With a name like Buddha Bellies and our friends saying, after they regretfully decline one of our party invites, "oh... but I'll miss all that great food" - it won't come to any surprise we hope to open our own food establishment soon. Thank you all for not shouting out the obvious sooner, though some of you have tried, with copious amounts of alcohol, to get us to slip and tell! The decision to drop the Buddha Bellies Bomb about our new business adventure is due to the fact that I've been wanting to post about this and not have it feel like a food blog.

We've also wanted to post about our plans to explore the food heaven that is SE Asia. We hope to find inspiration and evolve our existing recipes and techniques. Until we leave for our big adventure we have a lot to take care of. One of those things is to eat all the food we've got in the cupboards. We found this to be a good exercise in dealing with food waste and managing food costs. Here is one of our first successful items made purely from left-overs, think daily special some day.

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